Stack ‘Em Up Now

Hello there, Strangers!

It’s been a while! Oh, the joys of the retail work world…no time to do anything except work! Well, GOOD NEWS! Tomorrow is my last day in the retail world! After a year and three months of accessorizing like crazy, putting up with insane customers day in and day out, and rarely doing the things I love to do, I will no longer be a retail manager! Yay! I like my job, but I am MORE than ready to be moving on into the business world. I will also be glad to not feel as though I am in a bad remake of the movie “Mean Girls” every day…haha!

Well, here is my trend of the day, stacking bracelets! I can rarely be seen without a wrist full of bracelets and these are some of my recent faves. Enjoy!

 Light pink bracelet stackAll Jewelry from Charming Charlie.

IMAG1736All Jewelry from Charming Charlie.

Safari BraceletsWatch: Charming Charlie
Bracelets: Delia’s

Silver Skull BraceletAll Jewelry from Charming Charlie.

Big pink bow braceletWatch: Charming Charlie
Pink Bow: Old Navy
Other: Really old things lol

Cognac wrap watch and gold braceletsAll Jewelry from Charming Charlie.

Thanks for stopping by!

xox Megan

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