Tuesday’s List: Things I Love

Things I Love

Things I love:

1. The best bundt cake I have ever had!
2. I am an organizational freak and I want this sooooo bad!
3. This is the coolest sun “umbrella” I have ever seen. You could totally DIY this and take it everywhere!
4. I don’t work out much right now….but I plan to soon, and when I do, you bet I’ll be wearing this tank.
5. Gotta love a good cause. Oklahoma Benefit tank top.
6. This letter from Daddy to his little girl. Every little girl should get one of these:)
7. For all of those Michigan lovers out there. This is a great local business and the shirts are too cute!
8. Toms are so comfy and what is cooler than a pair of flamingo shoes?

Any great links out there that you love?

xox Megan

9 thoughts on “Tuesday’s List: Things I Love

    • I just found out about it today and got super pumped since I’m from Austin and don’t have to fly somewhere! haha! I hope I will be going:)

    • i know! They would be so easy to DIY! I will definitely have to try it out and let y’all know how it goes:)

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