Men Do Not Understand Fashion/A Little Surprise!

Well, first I need to say….I’m an AUNTIE again! This is unexpected, I wasn’t planning on posting that for another week or so! This morning at 5:45 my big sissy, Michelle, had a baby boy! His name is Carter and from the pictures I can see he is absolutely adorable! Welcome to the world, baby Carter!

Now, back to the regularly scheduled post:)

Men Do Not Understand Fashion…

Ok, I’ll amend that, most STRAIGHT men do not understand fashion. I work with 12 men. Now, I am pretty sure every one of those men thinks that fashion-wise I am absolutely insane (and maybe otherwise…lol). I have heard everything from, “Do you really NEED 15 bracelets all at the same time?” to “That is an interesting outfit…” Sometimes when I get ready in the morning I think about my coworkers as I look in the mirror. I then think to myself, “Megan, you have on a polka dot denim shirt tucked in to a high waisted hot pink skirt and an arm full of bracelets, do you REALLY need that giant bow necklace too?” Also known as, “Megan, they already think you’re crazy knock it off!!” I usually look back in the mirror, hold that amazing bow up to my neck, ponder for 5 seconds, and say who cares what they think? I think it’s awesome:)

These are the types of thoughts that went through my head when making the purchase below. I absolutely fell in love with this dress. It was the last one and it was in my size…It was meant to be. Though, the entire time I was in the dressing room I thought, “They are going to look at me like I am nuts.” Neon pink AND cheetah print? And God knows I am going to add a crazy necklace or an arm full of bangles….maybe even some neon heels. But then I got over it and I used my $15 coupon (it was my birthday:)) to help me get one step closer to ‘that crazy girl who works in our office and wears super bright/mismatched colors and stripes with polka dots’. And now, I give you neon and cheetah…..

Neon and Cheetah

Neon and Cheetah

Neon and Cheetah

Neon and Cheetah

Neon and Cheetah

Neon and Cheetah

Dress: Charming Charlie
All Jewelery: Charming Charlie
Sandals: Love Culture
Clutch: Charming Charlie
Sunglasses: Charming Charlie

I will surely be doing another post on this dress with a more fall feel to it later this year to give you an idea of how to take it from season to season….and maybe add on those neon heels:) Thanks for stopping by!

xox Megan

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10 thoughts on “Men Do Not Understand Fashion/A Little Surprise!

  1. Lol I had on a headband and my co-worker asked if I thought I was a princess. Men meh.

    You look great, that dress is amazing! I need to get to Charming Charlie’s. I haven’t been in months.

    Thanks for linking up 🙂

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