Today’s List: Things I Love, Part 3

Things I Love 3

Things I Love:

  1. This video. I am really not sure why I laughed so hard…but I did.
  2. Love this blue tote. I need more blue in my life!
  3. This maid of honor speech….so awesome! Why didn’t I think of that?
  4. Little stickers of your Instagram pics?!?! Awesome!
  5. This blog post on my sister’s blog about my new little nephew Carter Michael! He is SO cute!
  6. I have seen these boxes advertised everywhere, and I really want to get one for Sophie! All healthy stuff for my little princess:)
  7.! I bought some really cute black wedges from here! Post to come soon! You can get 20% by using the coupon code SUNNY20R, expires tomorrow so hurry!
  8. Early twenties vs. late twenties…so true!
  9. Ugh….well, I guess if its good for me I guess I’ll have another glass…
  10. This chair….well West Elm in general. Can I buy the whole store please?

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xox Megan

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3 thoughts on “Today’s List: Things I Love, Part 3

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