Weekend Update: Carter Michael

Hi Lovelies!

If you don’t like babies, turn back now! There are going to be a lot of baby picturea on today’s post, because I met my nephew Carter Michael this weekend! He is such an adorable baby and I’m not just saying that because he is my nephew! Most babies have this alien-like look to them for the first few weeks, but here is Mr. Carter looking cute as ever just 5 days after birth…yes, he is in a dump truck!



After meeting my new nephew and staring at him/touching his chubby baby cheeks for a good hour or so, the weekend continued with some swimming and hanging out. My other niece and nephew Alexander and Anniston love their Auntie Megan<3

Swimming Alex and Anniston

Swimming Anniston

And then there was a little more loving on Carter. OK, a lot…

Meg and Carter


Don’t mind the hair. My arms hurt so bad from doing push ups with my personal trainer that I couldn’t lift them high enough to actually do something to my hair. Therefore, we get Megan with a wet mop on her head:)

And of course Little Miss Sophernugget had to meet her baby cousin. I’m not sure how they felt about each other…


Look at that! The two cutest babies ever:)

Well, now the weekend is over, and really don’t think I got enough baby-time in. All I want to do is touch those sweet, pudgy, little baby cheeks!

Well, that’s it for the weekend recap! Thanks for stopping by!

xox Megan

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