Cowboy Boots Go With Everything

Hey There!

Today, I am sharing one of my favorite dresses and one of my favorite memories. The dress I stumbled upon on accident. I had already picked out what I was wearing for my engagement pictures when I wandered into Forever 21. This dress immediately screamed out my name and forced me to try it on. Needless to say I fell in love and all of my plans for the pictures changed. I found the bracelet that same day and was so excited that the entire outfit just fell together so nicely:)

Now on to the pictures…Wes and I had my sister take some pictures of us at a park around the corner from our wedding venue shortly after we got engaged. They turned out really well and I was totally relieved because it was going to save us a ton of money on engagement pictures. Well, long story short, the pictures got put on to Wes’ computer and then against my advice he deleted them off of the memory card. A few weeks later Wes’ computer was stolen along with our pictures. Megan was not a happy camper. Shortly after, we picked our wedding photographer and found that the package we wanted included engagement photos anyway. Yay! Well, we live in Austin and our wedding and photographer were in Michigan, so these photos were taken two days before we got married. Here they are…the photos AND the dress:

Coral Dress and Boots Engagement Pic

Leg kick Engagement Pic

Holding hands Engagement Pic

 Engagement Pic

Tire swing Engagement Pic

Coral Dress and Boots Engagement PicDress: Forever 21
Boots: Francesca’s Collections
Bracelet: Forever 21
Belt: Delia’s

I love the color, I love the cutout at the top, I love the shape…everything about this dress makes me smile. And let’s be honest…I live in Austin, you can’t get pictures taken without cowboy boots…they go with everything! So, there you have it, a cute dress and a little story about me:)

Until next time!

xox Megan

***All photos in this post were taken by Arising Images– Rochester, Michigan***

18 thoughts on “Cowboy Boots Go With Everything

  1. Very cute! Isn’t it awesome when you can find stuff like that at Forever 21 prices? My fiance and I are getting married in a couple of weeks. Since he proposed in Yosemite while we were there for a weekend getaway, we decided to use our vacation pictures as engagement photos to save money. I think it worked out fine!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Young SF Lady

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