Happy Birthday Little Miss Sophie!

Hello There!

Today is a very special day, my little fur baby’s birthday! Disclaimer: If you don’t like puppies or just don’t care, I would turn back now…you are about to see an obnoxious amount of pictures of the cutest puppy in the world….mine:) And back to the post…

I cannot believe that my little baby girl is already 3 years old. Thankfully King Charles Spaniels are perpetual puppies and they never look like fully grown doggies. This is the first picture I ever saw of my little baby, that is her on the left<3

Puppys 1st picture

This is Sophie after tearing up one of her toys and spewing stuffing all over the living room. How could you ever get mad at that little face?

Cutest puppy

And of course, what is cuter than a sleeping puppy? That’s right, nothing.

Sleepy puppy

Here she is getting rough and wild with her toys. Yes, that is a pig without a nose.

Cavalier makes a mess

And just giving the camera that look. And by that look I mean the one I can say no to…oh you know, never.


This next one is mostly to show you just how small she really was when we brought her home. She was a 3 pound ball of spunk and stole my heart the moment I saw her.

Tiny Cavalier

These are all terrible pictures of me, but let’s be realistic no one is looking at me when shes around…


Sophie loves to dress up for the holidays, even if she does look as though she is being beaten. Note: Sophie is the most spoiled dog in the entire world, this look is purely for dramatic effect:)

Cavalier in a Santa Suit

My sister is the Momma to Sophie’s brother, Riley. They had an entire year to play together in Michigan before we moved down to Austin. Riley is obsessed with Sophie. No really, to this day if they mention her name he runs to the window and looks for her. Cue the Awwwwwwwwww.


And here is our happy little family, The Todd’s

Happy Little Family

Well, there you have it. My tribute to my little baby girl. Little Miss Sophernugget, you have changed my life in more ways than you will ever know. You are my little ray of sunshine and because of you I will never feel lonely.

Something to note: As I write this post I have a snoring puppy laying on my head and kicking me in the neck. She is taking up the entire pillow and will most likely stay that way all night, because, really, who wants to make her uncomfortable?

Until tomorrow!

xox Megan

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Little Miss Sophie!

  1. Oh my wordddd!!! She is PRECIOUS!! Is she a cavalier king Charles?! We were SO close to getting one of these when we were considering small dogs!! They’re adorable!! Instead…we decided on our big ol’ 100+ lb ridgeback lol.

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