Preppy Stripes

Hi Lovelies!

Today’s outfit is a preppy, but still very casual look. I layered a couple of tanks, tucked into my skirt, and added a cute cardigan to top it all off. Oh, and you can’t forget the sock bun….couldn’t be preppy without a sock bun! I found this skirt at Forever 21 for $15 and was SO surprised at how NOT Forever 21 it looked! The fabric is really nice and looks expensive…almost J Crew if you will.

I’ve been trying really hard lately to try and buy things that aren’t dresses. I have way too many and sometimes I feel like that’s all I post on here. I have found some really cute skirts, not that those are MUCH better than dresses but it’s a start! I need a little more versatility in my wardrobe and even though I can style 1 dress in 5 different ways, I can style a skirt or pair of pants in 15. Well, anyways, back to the outfit. Sophie, as usual, wanted to be a part of it all…so I let her sneak into a picture or two:) It is her birthday week after all! Well, here you go:

Blue Skirt with grey cardi

Blue striped skirt

Blue striped skirt

Blue striped skirt

Striped skirt and a puppy

Blue striped skirt and blu tank

Silver jewelerySkirt: Forever 21
Blue tank: Victoria’s Secret Pink
White tank: Victoria’s Secret Pink
Cardigan: Target
Mint bow earrings: Forever 21
Watch & Bracelets: Charming Charlie
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Flats: Payless Shoes

Apparently, working out over the past few weeks has shrunk my waist, because this skirt used to fit much further up on my waist and kept falling down during our shoot. Oh darn, right? lol! Until tomorrow…

xox Megan

15 thoughts on “Preppy Stripes

    • haha…thanks. She’s spoiled and she has to be the center of attention. AKA in all of my pictures…lol. I’m sure you will jump back on the wagon. It took me starting a desk job and gaining like 10 lbs to make myself go work out…lol!

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