TxSC 2013

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Wow. I don’t even know where to start! First of all, this weekend was absolutely amazing. Second, I am beyond exhausted and now don’t know how I’m going to make it through the week, lol. I met so many phenomenal ladies this weekend and I learned SO much. I didn’t even know that this whole blogging world even existed until a couple of months prior to starting my blog and I for sure had no idea that there were such wonderful, inspirational ladies out there with great stories. I am so grateful that I found the blogging world and had the opportunity to meet all of the wonderful women I did this weekend.

Now, I had my camera with me, but let’s be realistic I took maybe one picture with that and 500,000 with my phone. So, today we get the Instagram feed from this weekend at Texas Style Council 2013.

Below are my business cards that I had printed specifically for the conference and I think they are the cutest ever if I don’t say so myself.

All That Glitters business card

Friday night was the clothing swap sponsored by Lulu’s. Everyone brought 2 gently used items of clothing and Lulu’s laced the entire place with 200 brand new Lulu’s pieces as well! I was so pumped when I found a brand new neon yellow skirt and a blue polka dot dress from them, both in my size. It was meant to be:)

Clothing swap

TxSC badge

I met some really sweet new blog friends the first night, and all of them lived in Austin which made them even cooler! Yay for new blog friends AND people I can see in real life too!

Blog Friends

Our view from the 17th floor. I live in such a beautiful city, I’m so lucky!

Austin City Limits

TxSC class

Saturday I wore my blue polka dot dress from the swap, my favorite bow bag, and of course, in Texas style, my cowboy boots:) I love this dress and cannot believe that I was lucky enough to get it for free!

Polka dots and bows

Polka dots and cowboyt boots

Saturday night was the prom. It was so much fun! This was my pretty prom dress. Always remember: You can never be overdressed or over educated.

TxSC Prom

My BFF, Chelsea, came with me to prom. We had so much fun going around to all of the booths and checking out their products, entering contests, and taking pictures.

TxSC Prom Date

TxSC Prom

Blog swag bags! We got some really cute free stuff. A skirt for me and a dress for Chelsea…not to mention free food, drinks, snacks, scarves, keychains, etc.

TxSC Swag Bag

Look who I ran in to! Bethany from Perfectly Coutured and Meghan from Everyday Fashion and Finance! Such sweet girls and Meghan is from Michigan, which is where I moved from! 🙂

TxSC Blog Buds

Sunday’s outfit consisted of my F21 yellow dress that I accidentally shrunk in length. That’s ok though….I just used my DIY skirt extender underneath and it was the perfect length! I also wore my $8 Target wedges and topped it all off with a braided top knot!

TxSC Yellow Dress with top knot

It was just such a great weekend and I’m not going to lie I am going through some mild blog world withdrawals knowing I won’t be able to talk about blogging with people all day long now. I left the conference on Sunday feeling super motivated and really inspired to make my blog as awesome as possible, so let’s hope that translates here:)

Until tomorrow….

xox Megan

16 thoughts on “TxSC 2013

  1. It was so great to meet you this weekend! So much fun!! I can’t wait to go to another one! I am in love with that dress you got at the swap! What a great find. Definitely let me know next time you’re in Michigan!

  2. This is my first time to your blog, saw you on the link up, and I’m glad I found it! You are absolutely gorgeous. I love your fashion style, especially the black and white dress. I’m glad you had a great time. Have a great week, too! xo

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