Things I Love: Part 6

Things I Love Part 6

Things I Love:

  1. Things you have to let go of to be happy. I agree 110%.
  2. I have this obsession with calendars. This cute, free printable will not help…
  3. Jennifer Lawrence is my favorite ever. This just proves why.
  4. This is totally something I would do. I died…
  5. I have used this food and exercise tracker on and off for years. I love it!
  6. I’ve already mentioned them about a million times, but Lulu’s...they’re having a flash sale until Wednesday night at midnight!
  7. To all my Texas girls out there: This tank top is ADORABLE!
  8. Thank goodness for this. He should have quit a LONG time ago….
  9. Maybe I am biased because I love Maggie Smith (Prof. McGonagall) but this is prettty true….
  10. Surprise sale at Kate Spade ends tonight! Hurry, up to 75% off!

xox Megan

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