Our Adventures: Fort Worth, Texas

Hi Lovelies!

This past Sunday the hubby and I went with my entire family to the Fort Worth Stock Yards. Even though it was 104 degrees outside, we still had an absolute blast. We saw the marching of the cattle, had lunch at an old western saloon, went shopping, ate candy, played on fake horses, fed some real ones, and ended the day with long islands at Billy Bob’s, the world’s largest honky-tonk.

Wes and I watching the livestock go by and a bar that fits with Wes’ tastes perfectly.

Fort Worth Stockyards

Tonya, Michelle, and I “ride” the bull at Billy Bob’s, Auntie Meg helps Anniston ride the horse, and Uncle Wes meets Carter for the first time.


This is the ridiculous van that my Dad got to take all 12 of us to Fort Worth. It was all fun and game on the way there…but try sticking 12 sweaty people in a van on the way home. We were less than thrilled. Thankfully, we slept most of the way…

The hillbilly van

One of the long horns marching it’s way down the street.

Fort Worth Stockyards Bull

A real Texas cowboy herds the longhorns.

Fort Worth Stockyards Cowboy

This was Wes’ first time to Fort Worth. He’s going to become a real cowboy now!

Fort Worth Stockyards

Even though I have been to Fort Worth a bunch of times (we have to take every new tourist who comes to visit!) I still manage to have fun each and every time. Maybe it was the $15 worth of candy that my sister bought our nephew, or maybe it was the fried catfish and french fries…either way, it was a great time!

Until tomorrow…

xox Megan

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