Weekend On The Farm

Hi Lovelies!

Hope you all had wonderful weekends! My parents came down from Dallas this weekend and we went to a little town between Austin and Houston to see the farm my uncle bought! He also just got a sweet little puppy, her name is Ayla. She is 7 weeks old and is already bigger than Sophie who is 3! She should be around 130lbs when she is full grown! She is one of the cutest little furballs ever and so soft!

Ayla Puppy picture

Ayla just plopped right down in the middle of the water bowl the doggies were all drinking out of.

Fluffy Puppy

She was a little bit scared when we first got there and hid under the truck for a few minutes until she got used to us.

Holding the puppy

This is me falling in love with her. Thank goodness Sophie was there to keep me in check so that I didn’t try to steal her.

Brown horse

Brown horse

White horse

The next door neighbors have 2 beautiful horses that we got to pet. I have to say, I am a little afraid of horses, but they were so gentle.


We fed the piggies while we were there. They were so funny, they would squeal and get all excited about the food.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Sophie loved the farm. She did get a little hot, but her heat was relieved when she accidentally fell into the pig water. Gross….we had to put her in a barrel of water to wash her off and give her a big bath when we got home.

Flowers at Round Top

On the way home we stopped in Round Top TX. We really want to come back here in the spring when they have antiques week and find some cool antiques and crafts for our houses! These flowers were beautiful and I had to get a picture for inspiration when we have our own house.


When we got back to Austin, Mom and Dad took me to Z’ Tejas for dinner. It was so good, I was definitely recommend it!

Beaded Native top

That last picture is a detailed look at the dress I wore to the farm and dinner! I L-O-V-E this dress. It is so comfortable and it has this amazing beading at the top. I got it at Rue 21 a while back, but they always have similar things there. The best part is that you would think it was expensive with all those beads, but I think I spent around $20 on it!

Overall, it was a really fun weekend and it was great to see my parents again. Wes has been in Michigan since Thursday visiting friends and his Mom, so it was nice to have visitors:)

Until tomorrow!

xox Megan

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8 thoughts on “Weekend On The Farm

  1. Just found your blog & so happy I did!!! As someone from Texas who (sadly) doesn’t live there anymore I love reading any and all Texas blogs! It makes me feel close to home lol. & I read you like Harry Potter which means we’re already best friends!!! (:

    Zauni | The Kind Side

    • Thank you, Zauni! It’s a bummer you don’t live in Texas anymore, I just got back about 2 years ago and I am loving EVERY minute! And, I not only read Harry Potter…I have an obsession…haha:) I will have to stop by your blog and check it out!

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