I Love Three Day Weekends

Hi Lovelies!

Happy Friday! I am so excited that it is labor day weekend! There’s nothing better than a 3 day weekend where the one thing on everybody’s mind is water! We’re planning on floating down the river down in San Marcos this weekend which I haven’t done in years, so I’m pretty pumped! Even in the water, it is always the right time to look cute:) This is what I wish I was wearing this labor day weekend:

Labor Day Weekend Fashion

And then there is what I probably will be wearing this labor day weekend….something I already own. Boo. I just need to remember, I have about 20 bathing suits and T shirts in my drawer and I do NOT need any more…. a day in the life of a shopaholic!
What will YOU be wearing this labor day?
Until next time…
xox Megan

10 thoughts on “I Love Three Day Weekends

  1. I plan on rocking out with a vintage Don’t Mess with Texas tee, jorts, and a fringe vest. So classy!

    Jealous you are going to float the river!!

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