Packing For My Trip To NYC

Hi Lovelies!

As many of you know, I will be heading off to NYC on Wednesday and I could not be more excited! To make a long story short, my parents wanted to take a trip to NYC and asked if Wes and I wanted to come! Obviously, I couldn’t say no to a trip, especially one to New York… I said yes. Unfortunately, Wes had just started a new job and didn’t have much vacation time, so he had to pick between NYC and a trip to Michigan to see his Mom and our friends. Seeing as though he hadn’t seen any of our friends or his mother since our wedding last August, he picked to go to Michigan…you may remember when he went from this post. So, Wes will be watching our little furbaby Sophie while I head to the big city for a long weekend. I really wish he was able to come too, but let’s be honest….now he is a free dog-sitter:)

To say it was a hard task packing a carry on for a trip to New York City would be an understatement. I have been putting together outfits in my head since the moment I bought my ticket. Ok, you caught me, since the moment New York City was suggested by my Mom. These outfits have changed many, many times since then…but they are all finalized and are already packed into my little carry on suitcase. I wanted to have outfits that mix and match a little….you know, just in case I pull a classic Megan and spill something all over myself. Each of my outfits has three different ways to be styled….you can pretty much wear any of the tops with any of the bottoms! What do you think? Do you like my looks?

Three Interchangable OutfitsOutfit #1- Top: TJ Max, Burgundy Denim: H&M, Flats: Payless, Necklace: Sam Moon, Belt: Charming Charlie

Outfit #2- Top: Target, Bottoms: Target, Flats: Payless, Scarf: American Eagle

Outfit #3- Tank top: Target, Denim: H&M, Scarf: Charming Charlie, Sweater: Charming Charlie

The following 2 outfits are for when we go to see Broadway shows. I was in musicals my entire life, so my whole family really got into musicals….yes, even my dad. We hope to see as many as we can while we are there. I also recently found out that Orlando Bloom is in Romeo and Juliet on Broadway….it may be one of the best days ever if I got to meet him….just sayin’. You may recognize this first dress from a post I did not too long ago, here. The second outfit includes a skirt from the Phillip Lim for Target collection. I know, I know, I’m on a spending freeze…but if I didn’t get it, it was going to be gone. It’s the only exception I have made, I promise! I even took something I bought in August back to make up for it! (See how awesome I am at this! lol)

Teal DressDress: Charming Charlie, Flats: Payless, Necklace & Belt: Charming Charlie

Phillip Lim Target Skirt and Collared ShirtTop: Target, Skirt: Phillip Lim for Target, Cardigan: Loft, Flats: Payless

Last, but definitely not least, my outfit for the plane ride home. Always, always plan to wear your biggest shoes on the plane. I have learned this the hard way before, trust me. I always like to be really comfy on the plane too, I just don’t get the people who can wear heels or real jeans for a 4+ hour trip. Jeggings and a comfy long shirt are my thing, still cute but comfy as ever!

Brown Striped Top with DenimJeggings: H&M, Top: Charming Charlie, Belt & Boots: Charming Charlie, Necklace: Claire’s

This is a first for me….planning ahead of time for the exact number of outfits I will need is NOT my thing at all. I like to have choices. I like to pick when I wake up. I like to be able to change my mind. Packing a carry on bag was ROUGH! We’ll see how well this goes…..

Until tomorrow…

xox Megan

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12 thoughts on “Packing For My Trip To NYC

  1. I’m with ya’, I see those chicks in high heels strutting down the concourse and me in leggings and a t-shirt. I go for comfort. I like how you added a scarf to one of your choices, dresses it up. Safe travels!

  2. Your outfits are perfect for the weather here right now. We’re getting a few fall winds, but it’s perfect weather for dresses and cardigans. I hope you have a blast!

  3. Great job packing – the interchangeable outfits are perfection! And I’m totally a “biggest shoe wearer” on plane rides! I’m also really excited to see how you’re styling the Phillip Lim skirt. That’s in my plan to wear tomorrow!

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